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Wedding Reception Music and Your DJ

As a premier wedding DJ, it's a great pleasure to know that you'll be bringing all your closest members of the family and your friends together to commemorate your wedding event! As you begin to consider the type of wedding entertainment for your wedding reception, it dawns on you that it will be no simple task to please the entire group. How can you thrill your moms and dads without boring the heck out of your friends? Or jam at a level that will make your friends want to jump up and dance without blowing your grandparents and their good friends out of the seats? That's where selecting the right wedding reception music and a professional and experienced wedding DJ comes in.

Your Wedding DJ Will Help You Create the Perfect Playlist

Dad and daughter dance at wedding reception to DJ music.

Striking that perfect balance of wedding music to please everybody can be challenging, but if you research a little, you will be able to locate skilled professionals who are experienced at entertaining individuals of every generation and musical taste. DJs that are unskilled can actually miss the mark in this regard. It takes a variety of years of playing "out in the field" to end up being skilled at working with a crowd to see what works and precisely what does not.

You can begin your planning by truly digging into what artists and tunes will please your parents and their friends. If you don't already know, try to discover what songs were popular when they were growing up. What gets them out of their seats?  You will discover songs that have broad appeal if you spend some time listening to exactly what they love to dance to. These are the songs to request the DJ to play.

Techniques DJs Use To Make Your Reception Flow

There are a couple of useful techniques for mixing in the "older music." One method to do this is to start the reception with a "European design," or music that is played at a lower volume and is a little lighter and older. Program tunes, like songs, swing, huge band music, and oldies work well early in the night with this format. Older loved ones are less shy than friends, so they'll usually get out on the dance floor early. Many of them have been to events, like a wedding reception where "their music" has been left out or neglected, so they will enjoy taking advantage of a familiar favorite by getting out on the floor.

The wedding party cuts lose to a professional wedding dj during the reception.

Later on in the night, after the meal has finished, you can have your wedding DJ cut loose with the ideal mix of songs that you and your new spouse love. If you include a ballad here and there, those who have been "sitting it out" can get back up and dance while allowing the others who have been dancing an opportunity to catch their breath. As long as your DJ plays the music at a moderate volume, even the most pumping music will not be overbearing. If you can, set your DJ up where your older family members are sitting at tables farther away from speakers.

Make sure that any wedding DJ you hire has many years experience performing at wedding receptions and has a substantial tune list. The more significant the list is, the more likely you will be able to select the right mix of tunes for your crowd. Don't assume that your DJ will have all the songs that you want without letting them understand your preferences well ahead of time. Prepare your list at least four weeks ahead of the wedding and give it to your DJ.

In addition to requesting your preferred tunes, you can also point out which songs you do not want to be played at your wedding reception. Just remember, someone in the crowd still may request "that song." Direct interaction with the DJ is essential so that suitable music is played at your wedding reception and everyone has a great time.

Wedding DJ's Make Your Big Day Memorable

Bride and groom celebrate their vows with the first dance to the DJ's music.

Your wedding day is your big day, but do not forget you are sharing it with numerous visitors with possibly many different generations and musical tastes. With some careful planning and correct interaction with your wedding DJ, bridging the musical generation gap will become possible and will substantially contribute to the success of your big day.

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